Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Angry and Sorry

So I'm at CHLA right now and I JUST missed seeing a patient I've been trying to get in touch with for about 10 days. I would like to see this girl and her family in person instead of calling them. However, this will no longer be possible. She had an appointment in one of the hospital departments this afternoon at 2pm. I called said department at 1:30pm and requested that I receive a call upon her arrival so that I might pay a visit whilst she and her family awaited their appointment.

Fast forward to 2:15.

I have not heard from the department and assume that the family is either very late or I have been forgotten. Rather than feel rude and call down to bother the receptionist again (I hate being a nag), I decided to make the 7 minute trip to the office. As I arrive I am informed by the receptionist that the patient and her family have JUST LEFT! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! So frustrating. So, now I'm blogging to give them a chance to get home before I attempt to reach them by phone. So angry!

So the I'm sorry part of this? As I reflect on my experience I am reminding myself that I am pehaps the most forgetful person in the world. I have angered many a person in this manner. I am sure that I have provided many opportunities for growth in the area of forgiveness and patience in my time. So, if you happen to be one of the people who has felt toward me what I am feelign toward a certain receptionist right now, I am truly sorry. And lets face it, anyone who cares enough to read this post to this point has been the victim of my forgetfulness, etc. at some point (if not many points (Kira)).

So, again, I still love you and beg your forgiveness for my future transgressions against you. As for the receptionist, I think I've learned that the next time I just need to either be a nag or just make the choice to waste 20-30 minutes of my day rather than relying on someone who has no idea how frustrated I'll be if she forgets. Alright. I'm done ranting now. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

So, I just thought I'd share with you all exactly why I will die at the ripe old age of 30. I was in San Bernardino for one of my last interviews before matching in February on Tuesday. I had some mini powdered donuts for breakfast on the way there. No harm done, right. Then I had what I thought was a great interview. Then, I was hungry and looking to start killing some of the 6 hours that remained before my tour of another facility later on that day. So I hit up a Jack in the Box for some brunch: chicken sandwich and an eggroll (yes, this is typical breakfast fare for me).  I killed some time at a Big Lots, wandering around and buying a shoe rack, headphones, beef jerky, jumper cables, the usual. Then I found a AAA office and picked up some free maps of the area. Still about 2 hours to I hit up a different Jack in the Box for a little linner: four chicken strips, fries, and two cokes. I had the tour (boring, yet somewhat informative), drank half a bottle of water, and drove home. There I made myself some chicken quesadillas and settled down to watch "A Man Apart" (Vin Deisel singlehandedly takes down a drug cartel) (excellent man movie for a night when Kira was out with a friend, and definitely believable). So, if anyone wonders where I have disappeared to at 30, I'm probably unconscious on the floor of a Jack in the Box somewhere in San Bernardino where there is not much to do unless you like discount store shopping and eating fast food.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a 75 year old grandpa

So after four days of reading manuals and tinkering (gently) and feeling very stupid and frustrated, I was finally able to record my guitar with the new recording hardware and software I purchased a couple weeks ago. It's one of those things where after you do it you think, "Really? It was that easy and it took me four days? I am really dumb!" Sure, I can surf the web, write papers, research scientific articles, etc., but I really hate that I know next to nothing about what my computer can do. It's really frustrating sometimes. 


Last night I definitely know how my grandma felt when I changed her home page address and she freaked out because she didn't know I just had to retype it in her options tab to get it back. It seems I have become a 75 year old grandpa when it comes to recording equipment. I was just thinking "God help me" so I won't get too upset so I can't get anything done. I bet God would probably appreciate it more if I did something for myself and sought the help of one of his gifted sons and consulted Billy again. I'm glad somebody knows what he's doing with this stuff.                                                                          

3 FreAkinG hOuRs!!!!!

Oh my gosh! So apparently some tanker truck driver decided he wanted to take a swim in the oil he was transporting yesterday morning on the 210 freeway . This guy crashed his truck and spilled 50,000 gallons of oil on the freeway. Thanks to this unfortunate little accident (which may have created jobs for many workers for the day, so really some kudos to the guy as well) the entire 210 was closed down both directions, and every other major freeway in the LA area was also affected.

So here I am, leaving my CHLA office early (3:30) and figuring on beating some of the traffic to worship team practice at FCC. After sitting in traffic on side streets I ended up taking the 5 to the 10 to the 110 to the 105 to the 605 to the 405 to Beach to get to church. Oh so very fun drive. 3 hours later I pulled into the church parking lot. Right on time. Kristi gave me a hug when I got there and rehearsal went well. I got to see my mom who's singing this weekend too. I guess it could have been worse. 

Then on my way home, the stupid Lakers had to go and lose to the San Antonio Spurs. Awesome. At least the drive from Huntington Beach to Irvine was quick. Watched my new favorite show with Kira when I got home. "Big Bang Theory" is ridiculously hilarious. Nice to have something to look forward to at the end. Anyone like myself who's been a nerd at some point in life (although I tend to believe "once a nerd always a nerd" to some degree) needs to watch this show. Oh, and if you have a DVR, record the blurb after every show. Funny stuff!

Friday, January 9, 2009

On being a therapist

I just feel compelled to share with the world a little something I shared with Kira yesterday. I spent the day yesterday doing therapy with several people (individually) who al seemed pretty hopeless about thier chances of finding a decent person to be with who would accept them as they are, and who would remain committed to them long-term. So yesterday when I came home one of the first things I did was tell Kira how much I appreciate her when I'm doing therapy. She gives me hope that I try to pass along to clients when they are despairing. I know it's not always my job to be a ray of sunshine when people just need to sit in the darkness for a while, but I try to carry hope for them when they aren't able to find any.

So a little party in my heart yesterday on behalf of love, acceptance, and hope. I love my job. It brings such great perspective to life. I pray that all of you out there get to feel as lucky as I do someday. (I know, cue the sappy love song music, etc.) Just thought you should know.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Awesomeness at Kona's

Last night was sooooooo much fun? We all (much of t he worship team + Billy) got to perform a few songs on behalf of APA at HBHS. Tons of people there, good food, and other great performers as well! Kristi nailed "Love Song", playing the keys and everything! Curtis was awesome on vocals and keys. Jeff rockekd the Leopard guitar (as always). I did my best with a Kenny Loggins #. Don was workin the ivory (plastic, whatever). I think my favorite part, however, was when Dave Yaden was playing keys with a blues artist after our set. He is a joy to watch. A lot of the time he looks like he's in pain or confused, but it's just such a blast to watch him work the keyboard! I just wish he could learn to have a little fun up there :). (Those who have seen Dave at work know that there is nothing but fun running through his veins when he performs). All in all, a great night of music, food, fun, family, and friends. 


So today started just about as good as I could have hoped for. When I showed up at the Counseling Center, I found out my 8am client had cancelled his session. My next session was not until 9:30am. Thought to myself...hmmm...I have this room booked for an hour and a half...I have a nice comfy couch that is the same as my couch at home...this room is just dark enough with the blinds closed. Yup, NAPTIME! I was a little groggy afterward, but left myself some time to wake up before my next appointment showed up. Good next session, and a good nap. Couldn't have planned it better myself.