Saturday, September 20, 2008

it's been awhile!

So gosh, it feels like forever since I made a post! I do believe I have a good reason though. (BTW, I've already had to correct my spelling six (seven) times during (eight) this message (nine) and will now be leaving in the mistakes(ten) to save time.) So the excuse for leaving the blogosphere for three ish weeks: i'm applying for internship positions for next year and it is seriously kicking my butt. I think I can finally relate to all you new parents and sleeping quite sparingly. I have slept (not including my 3 hour nap today) about 12 hours since Sunday.

It's been rough getting all the information together for my letter writere and director of clinical trainign at rosemead. I'm still pooped, but it's over for the time being and now i can relax for a couple days before tackling the task of tringf to sell myself to 18 training directors so I can finally end my marathon career in school ans move on to the rela world of only having one job, no school, and actually getting paid what I'm worth for all the work that I do .

So, i'll stop complaining now, but if I seem to be a bit glossy-eyed next time you see me, no, I'm not high, no, you're not that boring :), and no, I have not caught up yet since last sunday night...but I',m getting there. Hugs and sugar are always appreciated. I've unfortunately learned that caffeine does nothing for me.

For those of you who care, I thought I'd throw in the list of the 18, possibly soon to be 19, places I'm applying:

1) VA Loma Linda, 2) VA LA, 3) VA West LA, 4) CSULB counseling center, 5) USC Student Counseling Services, 6) City of Hope National Medical Center, 7) CHOC, 8) CHLA, 9) UC Riverside Counseling Center, 10) Kaiser Permanente (Los Angeles), 11) Kaiser Permanente (Vista), 12) Pacific Clinics, 13) Patton State Hospital, 14) San Bernardino County Dept. of Behavioral Health, 15) Santa Ana College Psychological Services, 16) Switzer learning Center, 17) The Guidance Center (Long Beach), 18) UCI Counseling Center, 19)University of San Diego Counseling Center fun stuff!!!