Sunday, October 5, 2008


Kira and I went to the USC game this Saturday. They were playing Oregon. So, I assume in a Southern CA blog I don't need to say it , but they won (44-10!). Anyway, on with the story.

People never cease to amaze me with how stupid they can be. We were sitting directly next to three female Oregon fans. I think they had actually driven down from Oregon to watch the game. A few rows behind us were a few USC fans; they looked to be of college age.

I am hoping that they had been drinking at least a little because they were really obnoxious and had picked out my neighbors to annoy throughout the game. To one of them in particular the most outspoken of the group had been directing comments related to something about how much chest hair she had, how it was more than his dad had, whatever.

Oregon started the game strong, scoring the game's first touchdown, holding USC to a field goal on its first possession, and added a field goal of their own. Then, USC mounted a brief, effective drive for a touchdown. The score was tied at that point, 10-10. USC was ranked 9th nationally, Oregon 23rd or something. We were supposed to cream them.

At this juncture in the game, our mildly enebriated friend decided it was a good time to begin yelling "SCOOOOREBOOOARD...SCOOOOREBOOOARD". Needless to say, I felt a little less intelligent as a USC fan. The Oregon gal next to me yelled back something about "shouldn't you be winning before you gloat about the score?" (Kira leans over and says to me, "What is this, Kindergarden?) .The guy's friend continued his not-so-interesting comments about the other woman's chest hair, and I turned my attention back to the game.

Not the finest moment in the land of Troy. At least we won the game. The guy changed seats before the game was over anyway. I guess there weren't enough jackasses in the other parts of the stands.